Michael Miller

Judge Michael E. Miller, Dallas County Probate Court 3

My name is Michael E. Miller, and I have been the judge of Probate Court 3 for over 7 years. In 2006 I ran against and defeated an incumbent Republican for the job.

Statutory Probate Courts in Texas hear matters relating to wills, trusts, estates, and guardianships. In addition, Probate Court 3 has an additional statutory duty -- that of hearing civil mental illness commitments. I am the person who decides whether or not someone is sent to the mental hospital. In 2013, 7,800 cases were filed in the mental illness court. Obviously we are very busy hearing and administering these matters.

In this connection we do several things that were not done by the prior judge. First, we go into the jail at Lew Sterrett when requested to conduct medication hearings for inmates who have been found incompetent to stand trial because of mental illness. Second, we actively participate in the Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program (AOT), where we meet with those with repetitive admissions to the hospital, to try to help them while they are out of the hospital, and to keep them on their meds.

Last spring the Dallas Bar Association conducted a poll of its members; I received a 90% overall approval rating, one of the highest in Dallas County.

I am good at what I do; I enjoy what I do; and I would like another term to continue what I do for the residents of Dallas County.

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