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Past Events


Zoom Meetings 2021-22


Metrocrest Meeting April 18, 2022

This meeting is devoted to candidates in the May 7th  joint election (municipal and school board).  There are some Democrats running and it's important to support them especially in an election with traditionally very low turnout.  A few votes can make all the difference.  



Metrocrest Meeting March 14, 2022

Professor Cal Jilsson of SMU speaks, one of the nations's foremost political experts.

Cal regularly provides journalists thoughtful insights on US and Texas politics, and is a frequent commentator on various network programs. He is also the author of Lone Star Tarnished: A Critical Look at Texas Politics and Public Policy. Professor Jilsson to speaks about the prospects for Democrats post-Primary and to discuss the role progressives in the Texas Democratic Party will play.



Meet the Midterm Candidates February 7, 2022

 Meet the Midterm Candidates in contested primary races to attend our meeting for our members and friends to meet them and ask any questions they may have of the candidates before voting in the primary.



Metrocrest Democrats January 11, 2022

 Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins speaks about the role  government in large, urban, largely Democratic counties will play going forward in the face of Republican efforts at the state level to limit the powers and authority of local officials at all levels.

 First elected in 2010 Judge Jenkins has weathered many crises, including an outbreak of West Nile Virus in 2012 when he declared a state of emergency for the county and led efforts to spray for mosquitoes. In 2014 during the child migrant crisis, Jenkins offered refuge in Dallas County to almost 2000 migrant children who crossed the US border with Mexico.  This move led to a meeting between President Obama and Governor Rick Perry regarding the issue.

When in 2014, Dallas County became the first county in the US to have a confirmed Ebola virus case, Jenkins led the local response.  His actions won national praise for destigmatizing the disease by showing that it couldn't be transmitted between asymptomatic persons by entering the home of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first victim of Ebola in the US, without personal protective equipment in order to help Duncan's family move into temporary housing while their house was decontaminated.

During the current Covid-19 outbreak, Jenkins was the first Texas official to declare a stay-at-home order, a week before Governor Abbott issued a similar statewide measure.  Jenkins' continuing cautious approach in the face of a public health crisis has brought him into direct conflict with Republican officials at the state level and in particular with Governor Abbott.

 As Dallas and Texas have experienced huge economic and population expansion in the last 12 years, In the current pandemic environment he sees Covid as the most challenging issue going forward economically and socially as well as from an educational standpoint.  Dealing with it is his biggest priority as he supports policies to make Dallas County more healthy, equitable, affordable, and prosperous.

After Judge Jenkin's presentation, there were opportunities for candidates for local office and judiciary positions to introduce themselves.



Metrocrest Democrats Meeting November 8, 2021

Joe Jaworski candidate for Texas Attorney General speaks. Joe Jaworski is a third-generation Texas trial attorney and former Mayor of Galveston, Texas. Joe’s term as mayor was defined by his unwavering support for and success in rebuilding Galveston’s storm-devastated public housing; a political choice that made a positive difference for thousands of Island residents.

In 2021, he began his thirtieth year of practice, a career that began as law clerk to United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit Judge John R. Brown, followed by a robust Admiralty defense trial practice representing Gulf Coast maritime interests and then, a rewarding plaintiff’s trial practice representing injured maritime workers. From these various career experiences, he finally found his niche.

Joe owns The Jaworski Law Firm, headquartered in Galveston, and his practice is 100% mediation. He specializes in mediating Defense Base Act claims, mediating hundreds of claims annually domestically and abroad; these are the claims brought by military contractors for personal injuries arising from the War on Terror.



Metrocrest Democrats Meeting September 13, 2021

Rene Martinez speaks about Critical Race Theory.  Rene is a major voice in the Dallas area Latin American community.  He is an educational consultant,President of LULAC Council 100 and the District Director of the LULAC Northeast Texas Region.


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