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Texas ID Requirement to Vote
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Texas ID Requirement to Vote:

  Texas Driver license (not expired more than 4 years)
  Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS (these are permanent cards for over 70 years)
  Texas Personal ID card issued by DPS (these may be permanent for age 60 or older and marked "INDEF")
  Texas Concealed Handgun License issuedby DPS (not expired more than 4 years)
  US Military ID Card with photo (these are permanent cards and marked "INDEF")
  US Citizenship Certificate with photo (these Do Not Expire)
  US Passport and Passport Card (not expired more than 4 years)

NOTE: If voter has a voter registration certificate with an (E) by their card number they are exempt from photo ID requirement.

If you don’t have any of the above ID, you will sign a declaration saying you have a “reasonable impediment” to obtaining one of these forms of ID, and must show some alternative form of ID that has your name and address, such as:

  Voter Registration Certificate
  Driver’s License or Personal ID Card from any state (regardless of expiration date)
  Expired voter registration certificates
  Government Check
  Utility Bill
  Any other government Document that shows your name and address

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